Copula House International has been involved in trading and representation activities since 1987. Our focus has been on delivering high quality products at competitive pricing.Bridging the gap between what the manufacturers offer and what the end – users require, Copula House made it possible to establish new export markets that would have otherwise been left untapped.

< p > Copula House’s flexible operations and wide market network made it possible to build an extensive portfolio of product lines in a variety of sectors. With many being distributed on an exclusive basis, our product lineup includes building materials, finishing & decorative materials, furniture, food products as well as medical services and supplies.

Copula House’s presence at both ends of the trading route enabled us to identify and deliver the right product to the right market. By conveying the specific market requirements to the manufacturers and the production possibilities to the end-users, Copula House has been playing an important role in market development, something that has proven to be very valuable especially for manufacturers and distributors with limited sourcing and exporting resources.

Copula House prides itself on its ability to source new products, whether standard or custom, and deliver them to the marketplace on time and at competitive pricing. This is why our services will always prove to be valuable to prospective exporters and importers alike.